(All testimonials are real from our customers)

(All testimonials are real from our customers)

Thank you so much for your help.
Jack G. Layton
July 18, 1950 - August 22, 2011
Loving Son, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Leader We Love You Forever

Olivia Chow, MP

Toronto ON.

The casket has been received with good condition. Thank you for all your help.

Chiara Valentini

Calgary AB.

Thanks you so much for your excellent service!! The urn is just perfect, exactly what we wanted. Thank you ,

Ninon Sevigny

Toronto ON.

Thanks every so much David. Pleasure doing business with you. Regards,

Marilyn Nas

Calgary AB.

Thank you David. This is a Pre-arrangement so I would not order today but I do intend to call you when we are closer to the time. Appreciate your help. Regards,


Montral QC.

Thanks for the urn it is beautiful our interne t has been down and we did not receive a invoice as of yet if you can send us a copy we would greatly appreciate it thanks again

Shawn Wetmore

Saint John NB.

Hi there…I received the package. I apologize if my message seemed abrupt, I just want my son… Thank you,

Lina Winster

Toronto ON.

thx you I like it! it.s nice.


Cornwall ON.

Thank you so much!Nice Casket, My family was very happy with your service. Regards,

Lily per Abby

Saskatoon SK.

Bonjour, Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse rapide. je vérifierai la réception de celles-ci avec la Coopérative funéraire. Salutations,

Lysette Bigras-Lamontagne

Sherbrooke QC.

I have received your parcel Thank you to respond to rapidly


Sudbury ON.

Thank you for all your help! I will be putting in an order over the weekend. Have a great weekend!

Christine Worrall

Vancouver BC.

Yes, these are very nice. Thank you for your excellent service.

Burns, Brenda

Quebec City QC.

Hi Judy The engraving is perfect, I would like to confirm the order


Toronto ON.

Thank you. This looks good. Excellent Service. Thx

Richard Chow

Scarborough. ON.

Hi, It's perfect Casket. God Bless you. Thank you

Caroline Lavictoire

Oakville ON.

Hi thank you for the invoice and the beautiful urn. I am very pleased with the urn. Thank you so much. By the way, you should open the store in Vancouver.

Rosalba Barillaro

Vancouver BC.

I received the urn at 11:30 a.m., It’s fast and in time, We have enough time to do funeral service. We appreciate you done this for our family. Thank you so much,

Bryan Beauchamp

Edmonton AB.

The plaques are perfect. Thank you.

Lynn Thibaudeau

Dunrobin ON.

Hello Judy and David, The urn arrived yesterday evening in good condition. Thank you for you help.

Rosemary and Jerry Fikis

Calgary AB.

To Whom it may concern, I wanted to thank you for the the beautiful urn and also that it arrived in time to take to Hungary for my dear beloved grandmother. Sincerely,

Irene Melville

Regina SK.

The Urn has been received in time by the funeral home. It is beautiful, Thank you so much.


Winnipeg MB.

That was fast! Thanks for such a quick reply. Glad to hear the cedar urn is available. I am in Burnaby BC. I guess it’s preferable to ship directly to the funeral home so there is someone to receive the delivery? My mother’s remains are being held at Ocean View Funeral Home in Burnaby Thank


Burnaby BC.

Hello Judy, The replacement urn has arrived. Thanks for your prompt service,


Halifax NS.

Thank you so much.We received the urn we ordered and it is Beautiful .


Moncton NB.

Hi David, We have received the casket and are very happy with the product and quality. Thank you for your time.


Pincher Creek AB.

Thank you very much, I appreciate the quick response!

Jennifer Bertram

Ottawa ON.

Dear Casket outlet: Many,many thanks,i got frightened,i taught it was sent to Liverpool. Thanks.


Liverpool NS.

Thanks you so much! I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived today, safe and sound! Both the "big" urn and the keepsake urn are truly beautiful, and even the entire staff at the memorial home were very impressed with them, too, as they'd never seen urns like that before (which was surprising)! Thank you very, very much once again -- it was a genuine pleasure doing business with you! You provide a very great service at an extremely reasonable cost to people in what is such a sad time, and that really does help ease the burden of one's loss. All the best,

Ron Koster :)

Montreal QC.

Thank-you very much. I'll try that. It is a beautiful necklace and I love the idea that it's made here. I'm sure my Mom will love it! Thanks again.

Bonnie Faith

London ON.

Just a short note to advise that I received my order today. Thank you for your good service, I will recomened to others. Regards

Jim Wiest

St. John's NL.

thank you for the engraving. It was the perfect finishing touch to my mothers urn. Again, many thanks

June Papp

Markham ON.

Hi, Just a little word to say I 've receive my order today. I'm very pleased. Thank you very much

Monette Roy

Hamilton ON.

Hello Judy, The urn that you sent FW0535-B was perfect. Thank you for your help.

Credible Cremation Services Ltd.

Penticton BC.

K ! It's perfect ! Sorry I forgot to reply to you before ! I already receive the urnes this evening. Thank you very much !

Sylvie Dubé

Sherbrooke QC.

Thank you – we received the urn. Nice job! We ordered two units and a had assumed the 2nd one had been back-ordered but nothing has happened since. Please send another , same number etc, same price. Advise as to how we proceed, like reordering as a duplicate of the first order.

Ray Penny

Toronto ON.

Please change the name on the invoice to Rick Holler as I need this on a proper invoice. By the way I just received the casket and it looks very nice . Thank you.

Rick Holler

Pickering ON.

Rapid delivery beautiful urns very satisfied

Mona Beauvais

Windsor ON.

Hi Judy, Thank you so much. It was perfect and beautiful casket when we opened the box in funeral home, they could not believe that we could find this nice casket with good price in AB. My mom liked it so much.

Cassandra Cirocco

Calgray AB.

Hi folks, I have received the urn this afternoon. Thank-you for the speedy response and service.

Adrian Doyle

London ON.

Hi David, Just wanted to leave a testimonial on your site to let you and anyone that is viewing your website about the awesome service and help that we had received from you. From the initial first inquiry We had ordered the M006 steel casket. We were extremely happy with the casket it was beautiful and exactly what my mom would of wanted. This was the first on line casket that was ever received in our area, and the funeral directors were extremely impressed with the product. They both said it was perfect, inside and out. Thank you once again David for the awesome service.

Janet Moase

Saint John NS.

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help getting my grandmothers urn to me in time. You were so helpful and accommodating and the urn looks beautiful. I really couldn’t have asked for better service especially at such a difficult time. I would and will recommend you to anyone I know who finds themselves in need of your services. Thank you again so much on behalf of my whole family. Best Regards,

Noelle Trung

Vancouver BC.

I would like to thank you for the beautiful urn, that was purchased at the very last moment for my departed mother Margaret Slaney. The urn is beautiful, and your kindness was outstanding, I will be mentioning your company to everyone. thank you again so very, very much. Marilyn

Marilyn Hirsche

Mississauga ON.

Dear Sir, Thank you for the prompt service. The urn arrived safely to our house half an hour ago and it is very nice. Sincerely

Sandy Wallace

Prince Albert SK.

I ordered from you a Cremation Urn (FM 0521) which I received yesterday - just as you promised I would. It's beautiful. The craftmanship is exquisite and I could not be happier with my choice of urn. In fact, I will be ordering the same urn as a companion urn. I very much appreciate your helpfuless and your excellent service. Thank you.

Judith Flett

St Alberta AB.

You guys are amazing. Just ordered our pet urn late yesterday, and it was at the door this morning, and thats a few hundred miles. Very much appreciated. Thank you

Debra & David

Quebec City QC.

Hi, My pet urn arrived this afternoon. It is perfect! Thank you sooooo much for your help and super fast shipping! I will not hesitate to recommend your company!!


Scarbourgh ON.

We received the Bluebird 1 hr ago. Thank you very much for your support. I have passed your name on to others and have highly recommended hour services


Ottawa ON.

Package received. Pleased with the urn and service. Thank you!

Dieter Birk

Burnaby BC.

I was a bit concerned when I phoned and got \"Dave\'s cell\" message. However my order was delivered on time and as ordered. Thanks Dave.

David Clarke

St Catharines ON.

Headstone Service: Hi David Finally received the grave marker yesterday. It's gorgeous. Thanx so much


St John NB.

Headstone Service: Nice! I love it.

Amalia Camayang

Toronto ON.

Headstone Service: This looks excellent! Thank you for working with me so extensively on the design.

Nigel Lacey

Mississauga ON.

Headstone Service: Looks good. Please ship asap please. Thanks

Mike Davies

Richmond Hill ON.

Headstone Service: Looks perfect, thank you

Randy Okeefe

Oakville ON.

Headstone Service: Hi I came and saw the head stone it looks great.

Sczchel Wilson

Mississauga ON.

Headstone Service: Very beautiful wow eye poping

Sheryl Thorne

Mississauga ON.

Headstone Service: Hi: Stone looks great. Will let the cemetery know it will be coming. Thanks.

P Kelly

Toronto ON.

Headstone Service: Thank You very much. Looks great!

Gabi K

Mississauga ON.

Headstone Service: Your work on my father's flat marker is amazing! Especially the firemen's logo! Thank you so much for a job well done!!

Peni Martel

Vancouver BC.

Headstone Service: Hello, It looks great- thank you! We have paid for the foundation at the graveyard and they only need the signed form we mailed to you. Best,


Brampton ON.

Headstone Service: Thanks David..that was fast So im assuming you have received the document we mailed to you last week!? Also, whats the status do we contact glendale cemetery or what exactly


Toronto ON.

Headstone Service: It looks beautiful. Thank you. Do you now arrange with the cemetary to have it installed?

Rich Ternieden

Mississauga ON.

Headstone Service: Thank you very much, it looks good. With regards,

Elena Petrova

Toronto ON.

Headstone Service: Thank you. The stone looks great. Please deliver to Pine Hill Cemetary with PACKING SLIP for Section 10, Lot 1574.

Dawn McDonald

Scarbourgh ON.

Headstone Service: Sorry for the late response-Just returned to Canada after aid mission to Ecuador- the headstone is excellent- when is it possible to pick up- the weight should be about 170 pounds- is that fairly correct- thank you

Sandy MacDonald

Mississauga ON.

Headstone Service: Dear Headstone - Casket Outlet, Thank you so much, Well done!! I am only commenting based on this e-mail and attachment. I hope it looks as good as on the computer in real life. I do appreciate it very much for your hard work and I am so sorry for all the inconvenience I may cost. Thank you very much for delivered my order. Just would like to thank you very much. Your hard work is greatly appreciate. My Best Regards.

Barbara Taft and Family

Mississauga ON.

Headstone Service: Thank you David, it looks great. When will you be sending the stone to Pine Hills? Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Terri Joness

Phoenixville PA USA

Headstone Service: Thank you! It's stunning! That was fast! I haven't heard about when the foundation is being put in.


Inisfill ON.

Hello Judy The casket arrived in top shape and my family is very happy with it. Thanks for the great help from the team at Casket Outlet. Another question : I see that you also supply headstones. Can you advise me how that would work in conjunction with the cemetery having to provide the labour to install it? I would assume that it would be more convenient for the cemetery people to provide the stone and install it at the same time.

David Siu

Vancouver BC.

The item was received in good order Thanks! Regards

Ernest Knels

Winnipeg MB.

Headstone Service: This marker looks perfect. Thank you for doing such an excellent job. Please complete the marker for Warren Douglas Lyons. Thank you!


Toronto ON.

Headstone Service: thank you. in particular, we wish to express our appreciation for Philip, who followed up on his delivery with such care and excellent personal attention. many thanks

Hanna Cho

Deliver to High Land Cemetery ON.

Headstone Service: Thank you, this stone is perfect. I have been in touch with Mount Pleasant Cemetery. They have informed me that you must contact Robyn Lanthier @ 416 485-9129 Ext. 6677, who deals with external suppliers like yourselves. Robyn will send you forms that you must complete in order for the two markers to be installed. I believe I pay you and then you pay Mount Pleasant. Please let me know what you need from me, after you speak with Robyn at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Thanks very much for all your help and your excellent work!

Mary Murphy

Deliver to Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto

Headstone Service: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! IT IS GORGEOUS, I LOVE IT. I will leave a glowing review on you web! Thank You from the bottom of my heart

Robert Twiner & Mary Jo

Deliver to Pine Hills Cemetery Scarborough

Headstone Service: It is wonderful thank for doing such great job! God Bless

Pam Montesano

Salvation Army Community & Family Services

Headstone Service: Great. I am truly impressed by the final product, however, I am out of town right now. Would you mind holding off sending the marker to me until the day just right after Labour day. With much appreciation,


Deliver to St Margaret's Cemetery

Headstone Service: Thank you so much. The headstone looks great.

Melvina Gauci

Deliver to Meadowvale Cemetery

Headstone Service: I would like to thank you for a job well done. It looks lovely.

Lea Andersen

Deliver to Holy Cross Cemetery

Headstone Service: Beautifully done, David. Thanks from all of our family members for handling this entire process for us.... Thank you

Andrea Ellis-Campbell

Deliver to Meadowvale Cemetery

Headstone Service: Looks great! Thank you so much....we are very pleased..... Will the cemetery let us know when it is in? Thanks again

Steve Cabral

Deliver to Prospect Cemetery

Urn Service: Good morning, Just wanted to let you know that the urn was received on time for my mother's funeral. Thank you for the exceptional service. Regards,

Dan Laneville

Iroquois Falls ON.

Headstone Service: Thank you for the delivery very much appreciated the work done is wonderful Thank you

Paper Cooker

Deliver to Woodlawn Cemetery

Headstone Service: Thank you very much David for letting us know. I will follow up with the cemetery. It was nice working with you on this. Best Regards

Nelson Waweru CPA, CMA, Ph.D

Toronto ON.

Urn Service: Thank you for your exceptional service. I ordered the urn late yesterday afternoon and it was delivered to my parent's house by the next morning. The urn is just beautiful and my mom said it was the most beautiful she's seen. I am so impressed. thanks so much,

Kim Teron

Windor ON.

Headstone Service: Hi David, Thank you! It's perfect! Has it been delivered and installed? Happy Holidays to you Judy and your entire family. Your company has been fantastic with you product, delivery and of course the excellent customer service. We are constantly talking about you guys! Best Regards,

Noel Lomigo

Deliver to Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Flower Services: I wish to thank the gentleman who helped me with a flower order. I got it wrong and he kindly explained what I needed to order. The order was requested for the funeral at 2 pm today at very short notice. To my great surprise they were delivered in time for the viewing/ service the day before. The family concerned were so surprised at the beauty of the standing hearts that they sent profuse thanks and photos of the displays. I should say that the flowers were from two families in the UK for a very special brother. I cannot thank the gentleman and the company enough for what they managed to do for us. With very kind regards

Maureen Grayson (From UK)

Devliery to Kopriva Taylor Funeral Home

Headstone Service: Hi David, Beautiful job, Well done I will be sure to tell everyone of your great work and help. Do you have the marble slab for it yet or do you have to order it I will probably come and pick it up when you have everything and I will deliver it to Assumption in the spring when they start mounting them. Thank you.

Mike Ivory.

Deliver to Assumption Cemetery

Casket & Flowers Service: We just want to thank you and your wife for everything. The flowers were just amazing!!!...beyond any of our expectations!!! We are definitely telling people to GO AND SEE YOU GUYS when/if they are ever in this situation and to let others know also. Thank you again for everything---you have both been AMAZING!!

Bill Kovacs

Deliver to P.X. Dermody Funeral Homes

Casket Service: To whom it may concern, I ordered a Casket form you last week Invoice# HT007444 Order # MSHXJDYDY We cannot express our gratitude enough for your prompt accurate and amazing customer service. You delivered exactly as you indicated on your website. It definitely alleviated any stress in this regard at a very stressful time. The Casket was beyond our expectations and was received in perfect condition as well as the couple who made the delivery were very considerate and friendly. We will be recommending you to everyone and we will also pass on our perfect experience. Thank you!!

Wendy Patreau

To Culgin Funeral Home ON.

Casket and Funeral Flowers Service: We had to plan for a double funeral. Bought 2 caskets and 10 flower arrangements. Very difficult to deliver everything at the same time. They did an excellent job with the caskets and absolutely great job on all the flowers. Very professional and would highly recommend them. Excellent.


Deliver to Andrew Funeral Home, Brampton

Hi Judy and David, Today was my mother's funeral. I'd like to let you know that my family was very pleased with the flowers you arranged for us. The casket spray and the two standing sprays were fresh, artistic and beautifully arranged. Once again, thank you for providing such excellent service.


Deliver to Holy Cross Cemetery, Toronto

Headstone Service: Good afternoon I went to visit the cemetery yesterday. I am very pleased that the headstone is beautiful and perfect. Thanks a lot

Regards Edith

Deliver to Streetsville Cemetery, Mississauga ON.

Casket and Funeral Flowers Service: The flowers were absolutely beautiful - thank you for including the ribbon - they were gorgeous! Sincerely,

Terri Stapleton

Deliver to Turner & Porter Funeral Home

Urn Service: So sorry..that was sent by mistake...Extremely happy with how I have been treated ....great company..thank y ou

Brenda Jackson

Deliver to Customer's Home

Casket Service: Thank you for your services. The casket was delivered on time and in good condition

Turgeon, Eric

Deliver to Résidence funéraire Pierre Blais in Quebec

Urn Service: Thanks for the great service! I received my urn keepsake already. Much appreciated!

Léah Cournoyer

Deliver to Customer's Home

Headstone Service: Good afternoon I went to visit the cemetery yesterday. I am very pleased that the headstone is beautiful and perfect. Thanks a lot

Edith Harte

Deliver to Streetsville Cemetery

Headstone Service: Dear David, The order has been delivered and it looks great . The headstone is exactly what we wanted, very good quality and workmanship. I would like to personally thank you for your professionalism and for preparing the stone on time. I will most certainly refer your business to the people I know. Best regards,

Richard Dagher

Deliver to Cemeteries - Roadhouse & Rose