Bio Eco Urns

Bio Urn (FB-001)

250 cubic inches

Bios Urn is much more than an urn — it’s a catalyst for life. It is made using 100% biodegradable materials, and is respectful to the environment in all the ways possible.

Built with a special capsule that meets the needs of any type of tree, it’s the perfect medium to allow for the proper growth of a tree or plant when planted with the remains of your loved one.

Price: $219

100% biodegradable Designed to respect our environment

The prepared soil mix allows a perfect water flow while the expansion disc increases in size to mix the ashes.
The lower cone of the Bios Urn holds the ashes during the decomposition period of the urn, and aids the development of the tree.
The Bios Urn is made using a custom moulding system which is produced without the use of glues or chemical additives. The degradation of the product is respectful to the environment because of its organic components.

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In the Media... NBC Universal / GEP Productions Inc.

Some of our caskets & urns were used for "ALPHAS" television series.

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Beauty and the Beast

Some of our caskets used for "Beauty and the Beast" television series.

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Lost Girl TV show

Some of our caskets & urns were used for "Lost Girl" TV show.

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